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Luton's local newsagent, post office and convenience store


Kimpton News and Post Office has been serving our local Luton community since 2013. Located on the busy Kimpton Road, we provide local workers and residents with a whole host of great products and services.

Our services

We're the first stop for many on the way to work due to our selection of freshly baked snacks and filtered coffee, and we're a convenient place to do your lottery, pick up the morning paper, and more. We also can deliver your daily newspapers to your door. 

We also run a professional post office service, as well as pay-point and currency-exchange services. Make sure to stop in on your next trip up Kimpton Road or through Luton.

Convenience store and off-licence

Enjoy great deals on fresh products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Currency exchange

Our rates are competitive and we offer a buyback service for when you return.

Post office services

Our full-service post office can handle all postage and banking requirements.

Why choose us

We enjoy seeing a lot of the same faces in our shop and it's great to see them keep coming back. That's why we work hard to maintain the friendly and professional services we're known for in the area, whether it's handling your mail or getting your weekly paper there on time.  

We're around until 9 pm most nights and can help with any questions you have.

Monday - Saturday: 5:00am - 9:00pm

Sunday: 7:00am - 6pm

Woman doing shopping

Our currency exchange 

We offer the same currency exchange services as all the major providers and our rates are just as desirable. Customers can exchange any of the popular currencies required for going abroad and we can help you get some pounds back with any leftover cash when you return. 

Find us

Take a look at the map below to find our location. We're based on Kimpton Road, right by the airport and not too far from the local University. 

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