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Personal trainer in Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich

Liviu Dohi is a fully qualified personal trainer working across Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich. Book an appointment today and start getting fit!


Liviu Dohi

I am a fully qualified LEVEL 3 NVQ Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, as well as 3DAN black belt Kickboxing Trainer.

I have been practicing kickboxing for 30 years and won the national title three times. I am a WKF vice-European champion (2015) and a WKF world champion (2016). I have also been acting as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 12 years.

'Professionalism, commitment and respect for the client are the rules that have always guided me in my work. My training schemes are designed for each individual client, depending on their abilities and skills, and avoiding damaging to muscles, joints and ligaments. The ultimate goal is to make the client wish to train for a long time, not just a short period.'


Private Gym

I can offer training at my private gym - ensuring you can get the tailored fitness training programme you need to make significant gains and sustain your fitness regime for the long-term.


Don't hesitate to get in touch today for a personalised service that is fully designed around your needs.


Read the testimonials from happy clients below to find out how I can help you to transform your health and fitness.

“Working with children means a lot of challenges but also a lot of negative energy accumulated in one day. Going for a personal trainer was the best idea, and Liviu really helped me release all the negative energy within. It completely changed my mind-set and the way I approach any issues now. “

Maria, Teacher

  “I spend my working hours sitting in a chair in front of the computer, so I started feeling back and shoulder pain and stiffness in the back and shoulder area. I started working with Liviu, and six weeks later, after a lot of stretching, flexibility and mobility exercises, combined with cardio and kickboxing , I did not feel pain any more, I could lift my arms very easily. And even more, I was able to lift weights and move freely.”

Anna – Office Administrator

“I spend most of my day in my office, sitting on the chair in front of the computer, so I began to gain weight. As a GP, I am aware of what healthy life style means, so I turned to a PT. Liviu actually changed my life. I prefer circuit trainings and I have been doing it for a year now, but there have not been two similar trainings. My weight is very good now, my body shape and muscle tone have completely changed, and Liviu met all my expectations.”

Hassan – Doctor

 “I’ve always had issues with my body weight, and the job that I have is not helpful at all. I tried all sorts of diets, but they only work for a short period of time. So I decided to get some help, and went for a personal trainer. After six months of training with Liviu I felt much better and I lost almost 10 kilograms. His nutrition and diet advice and plans helped me control my weight and enjoy a very healthy life style.”

Krisztina, PA

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